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this is a pokemon heartgold nuzlocke that was originally posted on the Tegaki-E oekaki board starting in march 2011, now also on tumblr.
pls enjoy ٩◔ω◔۶

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Quidel (docile)

George (serious)
Gabriella (impish)
Drake (hardy)
Bob (gentle)

Lazy Nuclocke Update #3

We accidentally kill everything we meet on route 36 because we grinded too hard. We also beat up the sudowoodo blocking the path to ecruteak. Then we beat up some little girls and women who wanted to do double battles and just outside ecruteak we catch this bamf

Stan gets boxed for now but we’re finally in ecruteak city eyyeaaha ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Lazy Nuzlocke Update #2

After the pokeathlon we head for ecruteak city, but first !!!! We have to go through the national park which fortunately has a BUG CATCHING CONTEST running (which means we get to catch. bugs)

And well we can only keep one but we decide WHICH one to keep…… So that’s like the only time in the game we can choose what pokemon to get right

In the end we get to choose between these two BEAUTIES and we obviously choose


Idk I really regret it now because Scyther is fucking hard to draw but yeah no going back right? ha ha


Lazy nuzlocke update

So, I woke up this morning and realised, the reason that I haven’t updated for months is that the next part is FUCKING BORING and I had no motivation to draw multiple pages for this whole thing at ALL. So for the next couple events I’m just write down what happened so we can move on to the cool stuff


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sorry about not updating! i still have exams to take care of, but in a couple of weeks i’m all done and ready to make consistent updates (・ω・)ノ